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Board of Directors

Lori Renzi, Board Chair

Lori is a marketing professional who is passionate about connecting consumers with brands that help them live healthier, more peaceful lives.  She has had careers in business development, human resource utilization, and restaurant ownership as well.  Lori enjoys sharing helpful information with the public and has been interviewed numerous times on network television, including NBC Nightly News and CBS Sunday Morning on important issues facing consumers, and is excited about sharing Purple Asparagus’ mission with Chicago residents.  Purple Asparagus allows Lori the chance to combine her desire to help children become healthier, happier, independent adults with her conviction for changing the way families eat today.

Kinga Pecak, Treasurer

Kinga has worked in the hedge fund industry for over 5 years and specializes in performance analysis and reporting. When not focusing on numbers, she is dedicated to helping people live healthier more active lives by being a community leader at a rock climbing gym and encouraging people to find joy in cooking. Her role at Purple Asparagus allows her to combine her financial know-how with her mission for eliminating nutritional roadblocks for children. Kinga’s favorite vegetable is the brussel sprout.

Vova Kagan, Development

Vova Kagan joined the board after 3 years of supporting Purple Asparagus. He spreads the message whenever he gets chance, whether he is wearing a purple apron at a community event or hosting friends for dinner. Growing up in an immigrant household, the importance of healthy eating & cooking was instilled in him at an early age. Recognizing the value of that informal education he became interested in teaching Chicago children about the benefits & joys of good food. In his day to day life Vova develops mobile wellness programs that empower users to create healthy eating & exercise habits with the goal of preventing chronic conditions like diabetes. He believes that exposing children to the beauty of fresh fruits & vegetables is the most effective way to build a healthier generation that cares about sustainable food. Vova can usually be found sailing in the summer or figuring out how to sneak beets into a dish. Beet pizza anyone?

Christy Levy

Christy is an instructional designer, who spends her days trying to come up with creative ways to help people learn and develop new skills. She has dedicated the past decade to volunteering at her children’s school, planning events and raising funds, and is excited to share this experience with Purple Asparagus. A mother with both an adventurous eater and a more cautious one, she enjoys playing with flavor, texture, and color to encourage at least a polite bite. She loves any vegetable roasted just short of being burnt, especially broccoli, carrots, and of course, asparagus, and she can always count on her lab to come running at the sound of peeling carrots.

Jennifer Jahn

Jennifer has always been passionate about cooking, willing to try many different types of cuisines. Growing up in a family where food was a focus helped instill in her the desire to prepare well balanced meals. In addition, being a Type 1 Diabetic taught her that healthy eating is a necessary ingredient to a person’s quality of life. Jennifer currently works for a wealth management company serving high net worth individuals. In her role as Investment Administration Manager, she is responsible for implementing and monitoring procedures relating to the operations of the firm’s investment advisory services. Jennifer’s favorite vegetable is green beans.

Kay Christ

Kay returns to the Purple Asparagus board after a hiatus during which she finished her working career and took care of her mother in her declining years. As a board member during the formative years of Purple Asparagus, Kay helped pioneer the educational outreach that grew into Delicious Nutritious Adventures, Purple Asparagus’s signature program. Since closing her instructional design/training/writing company, Kay is looking forward to following her passions –– healthy cooking and eating, fitness and travel. Rejoining the Purple Asparagus board is a perfect fit. Kay is a longtime member of one of Chicago’s oldest Community Supported Agriculture cooperatives, Angelic Organics, and enjoys the exquisite taste of bio-dynamically grown vegetables, especially dark greens, kohlrabi, Brussel sprouts and carrots. Sadly, Angelic Organics doesn’t grow asparagus, although it appears on Kay’s menus often.

Past Board Members