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In addition to monetary contributions, your help through the donation of supplies from our wish list can make a huge difference as we look to expand our programs, reaching more students, families, and communities in the coming years.  The items listed below are used in classrooms, and make our Delicious Nutritious Adventures possible!


Purple Asparagus Wish List

Grocery store gift cards

Apple cutters


Dry erase boards

Dry erase markers

Extension cords

Power strips

First aid kits

Food processors

Hand blenders

Hand choppers

Hand sanitizer

Compostable tasting cups, plates, and bowls

Compostable spoons, forks and knives

Tasting spoons

Recycled paper napkins

Recycled paper food trays

Latex gloves

Small ladles

Kid-sized mashers

Table wipes

Induction ready cookware

Induction burners

Small stainless steel bowls

Kid-size whisks

Wooden spoons

Thank you for your support!

For questions, or to donate cooking supplies and equipment, please contact Melissa Graham at info@purpleasparagus.com or (312) 906-7622