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The Purple Asparagus Harvest Circle is a group of dedicated donors that make recurring, monthly gifts of $5 or more to support our mission to educate children, families, and the community about eating that’s good for the body and the planet!



  • It’s Affordable – whether you’re giving $5 monthly or $100 monthly, spreading out your giving is easier on your bank account than giving one lump sum
  • It’s easy – sign up once and forget about it. The payments will be collected automatically each month. You’ll also be able to set up an account so you can update payment information or pause payments any time you like.
  • It’s sustaining – just like the harvest that sustains life through the winter months – monthly donors sustain organizations like ours. Having consistent, reliable income coming in throughout the year reduces cash-flow issues and allows us to budget and plan for each year with more accuracy

Gifts to the Harvest Circle help support trips to the grocery store, compostable supplies, distribution of our healthy recipes, volunteer training, and other similar things critical to program operations!


Watch Our Delicious Nutritious Adventures in action!


Thank You To All Our Harvest Circle Members!

Kay Christ
Courtney Dill
Kristen Dumke
Andrea Farrell
Melissa Graham
Elizabeth Johns
Anne Leroux
Christy Levy
Mary Kate McVey
Amanda Palzer
Mary Patronik